Injuraturi romanesti

Wikipedia este un izvor de cunostinte! Iata pagina dedicata injuraturilor romanesti, cu explicatii ca pentru tot strainu`.

  • a da la untura lu bunica: to have sexual intercourse; very used by the romanian community in Meudon
  • a da cu sana: to ejaculate
  • a (şi-)o pune: to have sexual intercourse (literally „to put it,” „it” being the penis)
  • Jucăm o Biliboacă: to have oral sex (literally „Let’s play Biliboaca” – it suggests that you take the balls in your mouth and shake your head while sucking the balls)
  • a (i-)o da la cherecheş: to have sexual intercourse (literally „to give it,” „it” being the penis)
  • a suge inima: to have oral sex(literally „to suck the heart,”)
  • a şi-o trage: to have sexual intercourse (literally „to pull it,” with „it,” as above, being the penis)
  • a da în geantă: to have sexual intercourse (literally „to hit the purse”)
  • a băga mielu’ la căldură: to have sexual intercourse (literally „to take the lamb somewhere warm”)
  • a băga lemnul in sobă: to have sexual intercourse (literally „to put the wood into the fireplace”)
  • a băga osul in ciorbă: to have sexual intercourse (literally „to put the bone into the soup”)
  • a o lua în mână: to masturbate (literally „to grab it with the hand”)
  • a face degeţica: to masturbate (only used of female masturbation)
  • a da cu bidineaua: to masturbate (literally „to brush”)
  • a se juca cu răţuşca: to masturbate (literally „to play with the ugly duckling”)
  • a da la labă: to masturbate(literally „hitting the paw”)
  • a umple palma cu mulau : to masturbate (literally ‘ filling the palm with dick)
  • a (se) fute: to fuck; to have sexual intercourse (from the Latin „futuere”). The word can be used in *a number of ways for example if one asks if a young female „se fute” this means he actually inquires if she has had sex before or if she is open to the idea.
  • Dute-n pula mea! (literally „go in/with my dick”)
  • Ce pula mea faci?: literal translation „what in my dick are you doing” or „how in my dick are you?”
  • a face trotuarul: literally meaning ‘doing the sidewalk’ means prostituting one’s self (because prostitutes often stand on sidewalks while attempting to attract potential customers). A similar expression is ‘a vinde pizda’ which literally means „selling pussy”. In regular language „a se prostitua”, „to prostitute one’s self” is used.
  • a da nămolul la deal or a impinge nămolul la deal or a ridica mămăliga la deal: literally meaning „to push the mud uphill” means „to fuck in the ass”
  • a arăta muie: showing the middle finger pointing upwards roughly equivalent to „flipping the bird” in English
  • a da la buci: to have anal sex. Very commonly used also with the meaning of having normal sexual intercourse
  • a da limbi în pizdǎ: to give cunnilingus (literally „to give tongue inside the pussy”)
  • a da la magazia cu damf: to make anal sex (literally „to hit the reeked storeroom”)
  • a manca salam barbos cu curul: to make anal sex (literally „to eat bearded salami with the ass”)
  • a impinge căcatul la roabă: to make anal sex (literally „to push the shit in the wheelbarrow”)
  • a da la nutella: to make anal sex (literally „to hit the nutella”; nutella is the name of a chocolate cream product)
  • a o lua la namol: to make anal sex
  • ochiul maro: asshole (literally „brown eye”)
  • a fii figurant: to look for trouble
  • ochiul cu gene incâlcite : asshole (literally „the eye with tangled eyebrows”)
  • a coborî moşul în beci: to have intercourse (literally meaning „to lower the old man into the basement”)
  • a parca shorloboanca: to have intercourse (literally meaning „to park the dick”) – (shorloboanca – synonym of pula)
  • a da cu mobra-n gâşte: to have intercourse (literally meaning „to run the mobra into the geese”) – (mobra-type of motor bicycle – used as a synonym for pula)
  • a face o memeaca: – synonym with a lua la muie which means blow job
  • a da la biriboancă: – synonym with a da la buci in other words to have sexual intercourse
  • a băga măgarul în beci: (literally „put the donkey in the basement) – synonym with a da la buci in other words to have sexual intercourse
  • a deschide viitoru: – synonym with a dezvirgina in other words to have sexual intercourse with a virgin woman, simmilar
  • a mânca salam de sibiu cu capul viu:- literally „to eat sibiu salami with the head alive”–sibiu is *a town// Meaning „blow job”
  • a da ca-n oala cu sarmale:- literally „to hit like in the sarmale pot”-sarmale is a traditionally food
  • a lua la papacioc – synonym with a lua la muie which means blow job
  • A lua porcul la trântă: (literally „wrestle with the pig”) -means „you should play a little with my dick”
  • A băga milogu-n traistă:-means to have sexual intercource(literally to put the poor man in the bag)
  • A da ca surdu-n tobe:-to have violent sexual intercource(literally to hit the drums like a deaf person)
  • a spăla Renaultul – synonym to performing oral sex on a woman, based on the similarity between the logo of Renault company and female genitalia (literally „To wash the Renault”).
  • a băga zacusca în beci – synonym to having sexual intercourse (literally „taking the <<zacusa>> to the basement); zacusca is a local food, a mixture of different vegetables held in jars.
  • a (i)-o pune pe nas lu Bila – synonim to having oral sex (literally „to put it on her nose”)
  • a atenta cu zmardanul la clocitoare – means to rape (literally „to atentate with zmardanul at the brooding”)
  • a forţa intrarea în clopotniţă – means to rape (literally „to force the entry of bell”)
  • a duce buşteanul la castor – means to rape (literally „leading the log to the beaver”)
  • a ciufuli căcatul – means to have anal sex (literally „to ravish the shit”)
  • a ciufuli bărzoiul – means to masturbate (literally „to ravish the stork”)
  • a (i)-o trage la portocală – means to have anal sex (literally „to put it in the orange”)
  • a duce pionierul la ecluză – means to have sex (literally „to lead the schoolboy to the watergate”)
  • a da cu barba-n coaie- to have oral sex (literally „to hit the balls with the chin”)
  • a da cu fruntea-n buric- to have oral sex (literally „to hit the belly button with the forehead”)
  • a lua masa in genunchi – to have oral sex (literally „to take the food in your knees”)
  • a da in cască la neamţ – to masturbate (literally ” to hit the helmet of a german „)
  • a da cu pizda în populaţie – referring to a woman that likes to have sexual intercourse(literally meaning ” to hit the population with the pussy „)
  • a tencui scorbura – means to rape (literally „to burrow parget”)
  • a dezmorţi meduza – means to rape (literally „to revive the jellyfish”)
  • a baga hiriboiu în sovarnoaga – means to rape (literally „to interfere the hiriboi in sovarnoaga”)
  • a da o mamă de pulicea – in other words to have sexual intercourse with a woman
  • a babardi – to have a sexual intercourse with a woman
  • a cocli la secreţii – to have sexual intercourse with a woman
  • a parci – to have sexual intercourse, especially with animals
  • a da la mizerie – to have sexual intercourse, literally „to give it to the dirty side”
  • a se juca cu tom degeţel – to masturbate (literally „to play with a finger”)”
  • daca ţi-e foame, mi-o sugi şi înghiţi – if you are hungry, blow and swallow
  • a o fute pe Pamela – to masturbate / „to fuck Pamela”
  • a fute pe linia vieţii / a inimii – to masturbate, literally, to have sexual intercourse with the heart line
  • a face cinci la unu’ – to masturbate, literally to use five fingers against a „pula”
  • a sparge scoica’n două – to fuck desperately with a woman – literally „to break the clam/pussy in two pieces”
  • ete fleoşc!’ – literrally „Look, splash!”, used when someone has said something inapropriately, or right before ejaculating
  • a mulge şarpele – to masturbate or, when addressed to someone, to give a blow job
  • a manca cabanos cu capu’ gros- to have oral sex, literally to eat sausage whit thick head
  • a da la cacao- means anal sex, literally to give at cocoa
  • a o fute pe Manuela- to masturbate, literally to fuck Manuela(from the word „manual” as in hand-made)
  • a baga paloşu-n teaca
  • a înfunda gaura la gogoaşa
  • a scufunda scafandrul în decantor
  • a risipi samanta dragostei in cada- to masturbate,literally meaning to „waste the seed of love in the bathtub”
  • a da mielu’ cu o nara-meaning to have sexual intercourse with a woman,literally meaning „to give the lamb with one nostril”
  • a fute numarul de la casa -meaning to give oral sex literlly meaning „to fuck your house’s number”
  • a o fute pe mama lu silviu – to have sexual intercourse, literally meaning „to fuck from country to country”
  • a pata cu smantana dragostei – to ejaculate”
  • a da in ea ca surdu-n clopot – to fuck someone really good,literally meaning ” to hit her like the deaf hits the bell (church bell)”
  • a baga soseta pe clanta – to fuck ,literally meaning ” to put the sock on the door nob „
  • a sta usor referred as „stai usor bibanel” – to practically stand still and wait to be brutally pleased (ripped, shredded)
  • a merge de o pedala -a woman who is looking good enough to have sexual intercourse with, literally meaning „to work for a pedal”
  • a înmuia mâţu în ceşcuţă – to have sexual intercourse with a woman (to dip your kitten in the tea cup)
  • a pune mâna la bobina – to touch her pussy (to put your hand at the reel)
  • a scăpa în lucernă – to become pregnant (to get in alfalfa (Medicago sativa[2]))
  • a bate in blana – to beat the fur – refers to normal sex

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  1. ikinga 16 martie 11 / 16:34

    Astea-s expresii, nu injuraturi, desteptule! Sunt si injuraturi pe acolo, da putine.

    • Octav 16 martie 11 / 16:38

      Multumesc pentru precizare, deci sunt si injuraturi acolo 🙂

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